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Patient Resources //

At Dr. Bhaloo's office, we are committed to assist you in any way possible to address your Ear, Nose, and Throat concerns.  Whether it is recurrent ear infections, allergies, sinus disease, difficulty breathing through your nose, or a new lump or bump that needs further investigation, we are ready to help you.



Question about your bill //

​​What billing or insurance information will I receive?

At each visit, a copay consistent with your insurance will be collected.  As a service your particular insurance, we are required to obtain this contractually.  If a referral is needed, please have that arranged to be in our office prior to the date of the appointmen in order to help facilitate your appointment.  

How long will it take to get things settled with the insurance company?

This can vary from company to company.  Generally you will receive an EOB (explanation of benefits) when received and processed with your incurance company.  

Why am I getting bills from physicians?

Will try our best to keep you informed of your billing status.  At times, particularly with surgery, you many recieve multiple statements from different doctors such as an Anesthesiologist or Pathologist.  You may also receive one from the hospital regarding their charges.  Please contact the hospital accounting department if there are any questions in regards to this.

I received a notice that my insurance company has paid on my bill - but I can't understand how they calculated their payment amount. Do you know?

Every insurance policy has different rules.  And every policy has a different way of calculating payments, including copays, deductables, and adjustments.  It is best to contact your insurance company to determine how they calculated payments.  

Health plans //



-Medicare Advantage Plans




-Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem




-United Health Care



- Too many too list.  If you don't see your plan here, please call us



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