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Our Committment to you


1. Treat you with dignity and respect

2. Keep your medical information confidential

3. Create an atmosphere that allows for open conversation regarding your concerns

4. Ideally phone calls before 2pm are returned the same day.  After 2pm, by the end of the next business day.

5. Be the top provider of Ear, Nose, and Throat services!! 

What to expect on the first visit.


1.  Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to fill out new patient paperwork


2.  We are required by your insurance company to collect co-pays at time of service


3. If a referal is needed, please have it arranged to be at our office by the time of the appointment or your visit may need to be rescheduled


4.  Depending on your findings, a fiberoptic exam may be needed to further evaluate the vocal cords, back of the nose, or the sinuses.  There is an additional fee for this.  Please note that come insurance companies will treat this fee separately.  Please contact your insurance carrier for further clarification.


5.  If there are any CT or MRI films, please bring them with you.  In general, the imaging center will not drop them off.


6.  If you are referred by another doctor, please arrange for the recent doctor notes to be sent to our office in advance


7.  Please bring a current list of all of your medications to all of your appointments.





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